Original Paintings and Prints

Please note that I have temporarily disabled shipping of Original Paintings outside the US 48 states until shipping restrictions are lifted. I can hold your art shipments while we are all in lock-downs and ship them when you and I both feel it is wise to do so.  If you have any questions, please contact me.   Thank you.

Ordering a commissioned original painting during this time is a nice way to buy art, support living artists such as myself, and watch your new painting come to life as I post pictures for you. Then I'll ship when we both agree that it is wise to do so.

My fine art modern contemporary original abstract paintings and giclee print reproductions on stretched canvas.

I create my paintings in an intuitive way.  My fluid paintings are built in layers; I follow where the paint wants me to go.  This is also true of my textured paintings, but they are created entirely with palette knife and brushwork. My geometric paintings begin with a lot of structure. This process is, for me, the most pure form of creating because it is all drawing, all line and how the lines interact with each other and the whole.  It is the most basic of structures. This is when I feel the most connected to my muse. Painting is extremely complex and involves weight, balance, color and value composition, movement, sheer force, depth, transparency, color temperature and all the other formal elements of image making. It is so much fun.

My Inspiration

It is my wish for my paintings to uplift people, and to help enable an awareness of beauty and joy in the day to day...to help people feel that spark of a glimpse of infinite possibilities and expanded consciousness, of things greater than what we perceive as ordinary. To whatever extent I am able to succeed in this venture, I consider it a worthwhile pursuit.