Reviews and Commentary

    Reviews and Commentary

    Excerpts from some of my communications with my buyers


    • Hi Sally, Yes they arrived on Saturday morning, and are already hanging on my wall! The prints came out really well, and I am more than happy. It's a beautiful piece!

    • Many thanks, Christopher

    • Hi Sally!  I have to tell you how much a treasure the art we bought from you, and how much I love seeing it when I come home from work, when I get up in the morning, or just walking through the house.

    • I absolutely love this work of art. As nice as it looks online, it's even more beautiful and impressive in person. I am looking forward to hanging it in my home. I want to take this opportunity to not only thank Sally Trace, but to tell everyone how wonderful Sally has been to work with. She made this buying experience so pleasurable. She is very quick to reply to questions, and is very conscientious in making sure her clients are making an informed buying decision. Sally, I love your art, and love working with you!!

    • A kind and fascinating facebook comment from one of my giclee collectors:
      Yes, exactly; I found them when I was looking for art prints to tie in with the 3 Tiffany lamps I have in the room, and I googled "stained glass". They also go great with the panes of saturated colour in those dog design cushions we both have.
      I like what one can read into them about spirituality as Nature vs Church. They evoke for me the great messages of Life, as the stories in a cathedral window presume to.
      They illustrate the key metaphor in Daoism, of branches of one's being, entangled in the colour and complexity of life, vs the root (or trunk) of stable, integrated, essential Self. The fractal branches resemble streams gathering into a single river (also a key image in Lao Tzu), or the path of nourishing blood surging from the heart. They look just like dendrites reaching out from a neuron to integrate the brain. They are the diversification of matter bursting from the big bang, and the branching emergence of evolution. The revealing sub-atomic debris of a particle collision. The scattering of entropy - the universal dance of integration and disintegration.
      It is such a fundamental pattern behind nature, distilled here to an archetypal purity, that it is overflowing with illuminating resonances.
      Also: so pretty and joyful!

    • Hi Sally,

      Just wanted to give you a belated update... I've been so busy at work lately I haven't had a chance to properly appreciate this artwork until today!

      It looks great up in our living room, and my partner and I love it!

      Thanks again, and we love your work. It looks even better in person!

      All the best,

    • Hi Sally - it was such a pleasure to meet with you in person, and thank you for personally bringing "Gentle Persuasion".  It's fabulous, and I can't wait for others to see it.  Attached is a photo for your records.  You mentioned yesterday that I could frame it; and I may do that at some point; just something simple; if so, I'll make sure and send another photo.
      As we discussed, the giclee process you're currently using is a great way for people like me who are on a limited income to afford such a beautiful piece of art.  
      I will definitely recommend you to others.

    • Hey Sally,

      We received the art a few days ago and are very pleased. Although we haven't hung them yet we have held them up to the wall and they look great. I have nothing to compare it to but the prints look fine to my eye. Thank you again for your artistic contribution to our new location.

      I felt the first time I saw this piece it suggested creativity both in 
      its general expression but also in your masterful artistic expression it took to create the piece. Creativity is what our company is all about so it was perfect to communicate our general message to everyone that walks through our door and as a daily inspiration for me and our team.

    • Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my parents loved loved the painting! Thank you, if was the most amazing gift I could have ever given them. The picture is absolutely beautiful... Hope to buy more in the future!!!
      Just wanted to let you know that your effort was so appreciated by some many!!!!
      This will be my parents first piece of art in their new house!

    • Hi sally. The review has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks for your awesome work.

    • I receive the package.. All in very good condition.. Just hang them on the wall and it's just perfect! Exactly what i expected ! Amazing job seriously.. im 200% satisfied ! It was a pleasure to meet you Sally ! Wish you the best in life xxx

    • Hi Sally, I just want to let you know how very pleased I am with my Giclees on canvas triptych.  It is beautiful.  When my husband saw it he said WOW!  We have them in our dining room area which is in an open floor plan, so we can fully enjoy them.  Your work is absolutely beautiful.  You are so very talented.  I will continue checking Etsy to see if there is another work of art I may order in the future.  Thank you,

    • Hi, the giclee prints are even more beautiful in person. My clients absolutely love them. The owner / CEO said his new corporate headquarters feels like an art gallery! We are still in process of all the finishing touches. I will try to remember to send some photos when we are complete. Thanks again for being so helpful and speedy. By the way everything arrived packaged very securely and well protected

    • Hiya hunni
      Just wanted to let you that the painting arrived this morning.
      It's even better in reality, if that's possible. It's so beautiful!
      I can't thank you enough for creating this amazing piece for us!
      Allowing us to pay monthly, enabled us to have a unique painting, that would've otherwise been impossible for us to obtain!
      I will definitely be asking for another masterpiece from you, when I get round to decorating the kitchen (only 3 more rooms to go!!!).
      Ben & I send lots of love & hugs.
      You star  x x x

    • Sally!  We put the painting up in the main entrance way to our house and it looks absolutely beyond fabulous! We all love it! Thank you so much. I'll take a photo in the daylight and send it to you. Thank you so much. You are so talented:)

    • "It is wonderful. So much more than we expected. Thank you"

    • "I truly love your work. The dazzling colors, the emotional vibrancy, the passionate energy. . .all resplendent."

    • We just hung Convection. It's amazing, Sally! Amazing! There are little treats for the imagination throughout....I'm in love! When we complete the room I'll send pictures. Oh, thank you! We couldn't be happier! Just opened it and the painting is beautiful!!  Love it!  I can't wait to frame and hang it up!  Thank you so much!  This was my first real art purchase (I'm a late bloomer!) and you made it a fabulous experience!!

    • Yours is my first abstract. I bought it because it was 'happy'. So many pictures are so dark and forboding. I wanted all the colors in our garden. I look at your painting and see Iris. It is a feel good piece for me. Actually my new theme for the house is that whatever I put in it has to make me comfortable or happy. Your piece was perfect.

    • Hi Sally,
      The painting has arrived and it is fantastic.
      We can't take our eyes off it.
      Best regards, We are thrilled to add a third piece of your work to our collection. We recently bought a new lamp and put it under "The Next Chapter" and everyday we see something new and amazing in the painting.  Thanks for your continued work and we will look forward to its arrival.

    • The painting arrived in great shape.
      I like it very much and I already have it
      hanging in the intended spot.
      Thank you for your prompt and friendly
      service. This has been an excellent Ebay
      experience. I will enjoy the painting for years to come.

    • Thanks so much for being so on point with the shipping information, its kind of nerve racking ordering online , but its been pretty care free ordering from you , I love the first painting and am pretty excited to get the second I ordered , the paintings give a very warm sophistacated look to my home , which is hard to achieve being a 24 year old bachelor!!! thanks for everything!! John ps feel free to put this on your comments page , you can chop out parts if you want I have nothing but positive things to say about you feel free to put that on your page!

    • Hi Sally, I just received your painting today. Wow, it was the best wrapped piece of art I've seen -- good job! Then, when I finally got to see the painting, it just took my breath away!! It really does inspire the "Spring Ahead" feeling!! I think it's the one for my entryway -- the first thing you see when you walk in the door! Thank you so much!!! I hope to be in the market for more art in the future...

    • I received the painting, great job packing it. Holy cow...I am walking around trying to figure out which wall I like best, funny how it looks so different in each room. Thanks for the work of art and the great price.

    • We received the paintings on Thursday. We are enjoying them as they have brought life to one of our walls. Again, thank you.

    • I received the painting.  I LOVE IT!!  Thanks so much for the great packaging and fast delivery and really pleasant transaction. I’m thrilled!

    • ... the paintings were waiting for me when I got home from Atlanta yesterday. Thank you so much for wrapping the paintings so nicely and your prompt shipment. You are such a talented artist. I shall look forward to purchasing more in the near future.

    • The painting just arrived yesterday. I'm very satisfied with your great artwork, and I've already hanged it in my living room.

    • The painting is fantastic! Harmony Vista is now hanging in our conference room. It fits wonderfully. Thanks for all of your effort.

    • It is here and it is perfect. It looks WONDERFUL with our colors and decor and eveyone keeps commenting about how "awesome" it is. =)

    • The painting is excelent and i want to thank you once again for it...

    • Wanted to thank you for getting the piece of art out to my immediately! I had my nieces help me unpack it and we found a great wall for it! We all love it's beautiful and very radiant! The girl's loved it as well! Regards, Rosemary

    • Thanks so much! Please tell me about what the inspiration for the work is? It feels like waves of water... and it just has a soothing feel to it!

    • I came back from out of town last night, and the painting was at my house - it is terrific!! Can't wait to put it up in my new house. THANKS!

    • Hi Sally, the triptych arrived today and it's beautiful! I know you call it "Fireworks" but I get an underwater feeling from them (I'm a SCUBA diver). They're tremendously evocative.
      Thank you so much, ....

    • I love the painting! It is in our front room . . . one of the first paintings you see when you walk in the house! Thank you.

    • Hi Sally, The painting arived safely. I purchased it for my brother and he loved it.

    • thank you so much. I LOVE it!...I think you are an awesome artist.

    • Hi Sally, Triquarter has arrived and looks wonderful!  Thank you so much!  ....