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This blog post is part of a chain of blog hops.  Each artist answers three questions, and selects three more artists to continue the chain. I was invited by my friend Miriam Schulman.  Here is my interview with Miriam.

Inspiratus, fluid art abstract painting by Sally Trace

How does my creating process work?

I have a three part personal directive:

1.      Show up
2.      Do your thing
3.      Be awesome

Showing up is the most important activity.  I work alone and I’m not a very structured or disciplined person.  None of that matters as long as I show up, put paint on the palette or mix up my bottles for pours and start moving, start engaging with the materials.  Once the process is initiated, it takes on a life of its own and I become infused with energy just to keep up with it.  Inspiration rarely strikes before the artist gets engaged with the materials, but often strikes once the processes begin.

I have lots of ways to begin a painting, and then each painting co-creates with me and it becomes a dance, push and pull, give and take, build up and tear down, small details and large gestures, deliberate creation and intuitive flow until the painting reaches a feeling of completion.  That’s the “doing my thing” part.  The “be awesome” part is a matter of trusting that every painting can be great, just don’t get in the way with fear or doubt.  Allow the well-being to flow because the whole universe will support me if I can stay out of my own way.  If I can’t pull that off, then it’s time for a nap or meditation, and allow for a fresh start.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

An artist’s work evolves through the processes the artist uses.  Levels of expertise develop in the various techniques that come into being during years of working.  Working processes and individual personal visions get honed and more specific.  My work contains elements from all my years of learning, elements from all the masters that I’ve studied, elements from playful experimentation that turned into personal techniques.  My work is very personal and has grown from my life experiences, my studies and my unique vision.  It is intrinsically unique and individual.

What am I working on?

I usually have five or six pieces going at a time.  Right now I have 4 small textural abstract pieces, I’m laying the grounds for a large textural piece, and on my wall a geometric floral landscape painting is beginning to take shape.  These will all be shelved for a bit because I just received an order for 3 commissions, and they always come first.  Thanks so much to my new collector!!

Abstract art paintings and prints by Sally Trace

I am happy to have made the acquaintance of two lovely artists as the result of this bloghop:

Debby Epps, an avid crafter and self-taught mixed media artist.  Debby makes beautifully complex mixed media collage paintings.  You can see her blog here and her facebook page here.


Wendy Sullivan Gilbert , an artist and art teacher with a great variety of fantastic whimsical ceramics, illustrations and mixed media pieces here on her blog, and she also blogs from her sketchbook here.

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