"Harmonic Vibrations" a new original painting

Harmonic Vibrations, original fluid acrylic pour painting for sale by Sally Trace
 I've been very busy with commissions for the last nine months or so, so my new originals that were in progress had to sit on the shelf. I love to paint commissions for people. It's very soothing for me to have been paid for a work of art before it's even started. So I just stay in my home studio with music or TV or audiobooks and paint away. It's lovely, cozy, happy. But the call of new creations that want to come to life is always right beneath the surface, waiting to explode forth with fresh new energy.

This piece is called "Harmonic Vibrations" because I love to think about the vibrational nature of the universe...how all matter is energy vibrating at different frequencies. We all know how it feels when our world is vibrating in a harmonic way, and we know how it feels when our world is vibrating in a discordant way.

Harmony always feels wonderful, but life has a way of taking the discordant times, like those 9th and 11th chords that vibrate on the outer edges of harmony and sometimes just spill over into chaos, and uses those experiences to allow us to forge a future that benefits from the powerful asking for improvement that happens during times of discord.

So it's all good.....but I still prefer harmony.
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