"Higher Vibration and Lifting Clouds"

I have a new painting titled "Lifting Clouds" and it's a nice companion piece to "Higher Vibration". Both painting are vertical, textured and painted on 18x36 inch canvases that are 1.5 inches deep. The textures are different, "Lifting Clouds" has an impasto texture made with a palette knife, and the sides are finished with smooth brushwork. "Harmonic Vibrations" has a surface created from acrylic mediums and sand, and this texture is continued around the sides.  Both paintings have a similar compositional approach with elements from my "Points of Light" series of paintings, and both have an upward movement with lighter colors.  The whiter colors move through the chromatic passages like clouds of bright dust in a Nebula. "Vibration" is more on the surface with denser whites and tiny geometric forms that anchor the viewer on the surface, "Clouds" has more suggestion of depth as the clouds move in front of and behind each other.

Here is a video of the two side by side.
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