"On the Wing" highly textured original painting

"On the Wing" original painting by Sally Trace

Detail of "on the Wing" by Sally Trace


Detail of "On the Wing" by Sally Trace

"On the Wing" is one of my very textured paintings that evolves in an organic way.  I love to make these paintings...they take exactly as long as they take; not a minute more and not a minute less.  The path is laid out for me as I paint, and I just follow the brush around the canvas "doing as I'm told" so to speak.  There is a dialog between the brush and the canvas which I'm not always invited to understand.  And that's OK.  We wouldn't expect that here is not more going on than the extent of that which we are aware.

This is a 30x30 inch painting on a heavy stretched canvas.  I applied two coats of varnish.  The canvas is 1.5 inches deep, and the painting is continued around the sides.

There is a feeling up being swept upward by a strong breeze as sometimes happens in the spring when new blossoms get taken up by the wind.


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