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Sally Trace Abstract Paintings

"Shine" Original Painting, Sold

"Shine" Original Painting, Sold

"Shine" has sold. This painting developed from some experimenting with textures that I began last year for a commission buyer. It began with layers of molding paste and textural elements mixed with acrylic paint, and continued with layers of glazed and scumbled paint, including some metallic paint which gives it a shine.  it is highly textured.

The buyer who wanted to commission me was looking at the works of another artist who employs very deep textures. This artists work sells for 20 times my prices. So I experimented with some deep textures because it was really fun and I wanted to try to satisfy the buyer. But he really wanted me to copy that other artist and that I will not do. But I made some good, small textured pieces from my experiments so all is good.

18" high, 24" wide on a 1" deep canvas. I painted the sides with a dark chocolate brown and varnished the entire surface along with the sides, assuming it will be hung as is with no frame. If the buyer wishes to frame it, a floater frame would work well with the high texture.

Contact me if you would like to commission a new, similar painting. © 2016 Sally Trace, all rights reserved. Thank you.

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